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Firm VELBATES, Ltd. Svitavy was established in year 1995 and specializes in production of shaped and non-shaped products their main raw-material is very good quality fused silica.

We believe that products of the Firm VELBATES, Ltd. will be interesting for you by their properties. We are ready to make for you concrete quotation including samples and hope that it could establish mutual longterm cooperation advantegous to both sides.


Shaped products are made by pressing, eventually by hand ramming into the moulds. Products with hydraulic bond can be made by vibrating into the moulds ...


Dry mixtures of the fused silica are used for filling the dilatation joints, cracks in refractory lining and for making of the monolithic lining ...


Minimal thermal expansion, using directly in hot environment, possibility of ceramic welding, thermal shock resistence, 35 coolling cycles with water ...

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